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The Group of 8, or G8 as most commonly known, is an alliance of 8 Governments.

Summits are held annually, providing a forum to discuss both domestic and global concerns, focusing on macroeconomic management, international trade, and relations with developing countries. Over time, the agenda has widened to include social development, the environment and energy, as well as microeconomic issues such as employment, corruption and political-security issues ranging from human rights and regional security to arms control.

The first summit was held in 1975 known then as the G6 with original members including France, the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan and Italy. In 1976 the G7 was formed when Canada joined and in 1998 the G8 was established when Russia was given full participation.

Canada hosted the most recent 2010 Muskoka Summit.  The next G8 summit will be held in Deauville, France, 26-27 May 2010.

The last 9 G8 summits have been held at: