United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP-16, Outcome of the work of the Ad Hoc Working Group on long-term Cooperative Action under the Convention, Cancun, 29 November-10 December 2010

Commitments in: Climate Change - Mitigation and low carbon growth

“80. Decides to consider the establishment, at its seventeenth session, of one or more market-based mechanisms to enhance the cost-effectiveness of, and to promote, mitigation actions, taking into account the following: 

(a) Ensuring voluntary participation of Parties, supported by the promotion of fair and equitable access for all Parties; 

(b) Complementing other means of support for nationally appropriate mitigation actions by developing country Parties; 

(c) Stimulating mitigation across broad segments of the economy; 

(d) Safeguarding environmental integrity; 

(e) Ensuring a net decrease and/or avoidance of global greenhouse gas emissions; 

(f) Assisting developed country Parties to meet part of their mitigation targets, while ensuring that the use of such mechanism or mechanisms is supplemental to domestic mitigation efforts; 

(g) Ensuring good governance and robust market functioning and regulation;”