Brussels European Council – Presidency Conclusions, December 2005

Sectors : Labour migration
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Commitments in: Migration - Labour migration

“10. As part of this overall process, the European Council welcomes the Commission's
Communication of 30 November 2005: Priority Actions for Responding to the Challenges of
Migration and adopts the "Global approach to migration: Priority actions focusing on Africa and the Mediterranean" annexed to these conclusions, covering the following areas:

• strengthening cooperation and action between Member States;

• increasing dialogue and cooperation with African states;

• increasing dialogue and cooperation with neighbouring countries covering the entire
Mediterranean region;

• as well as the questions of funding and implementation...


...The European Council...agrees to initiate priority actions with a focus on Africa and the Mediterranean countries...

...The European Council, in the light of the Commission Communication, endorses the following actions and invites the Council and Member States to work closely with the Commission to implement these actions during the course of 2006.

Increasing operational cooperation between Member States

• Call on FRONTEX to:
- implement border management measures in the Mediterranean region, in particular joint operations and pilot projects, as early as possible in 2006;

- present a Risk Analysis report on Africa, building on recent studies, by May 2006;

- launch a feasibility study on reinforcing monitoring and surveillance of the southern maritime border of the EU, namely in the Mediterranean Sea, and on a Mediterranean Coastal Patrols Network involving EU Member States and North African countries, as early as possible in 2006…

Dialogue and cooperation with Africa

• Work to make migration a shared priority for political dialogue between the EU and the
African Union, including through regular senior officials' meetings to prepare for EU-Africa Ministerial Troika discussions.

• Work in partnership with African countries and regional organisations, such as ECOWAS, through a range of fora, initiatives and regional meetings, including an EU-Africa Ministerial Conference in Morocco in 2006 and a conference on migration and development in Brussels in March 2006.

• Explore the feasibility of a migration routes initiative for operational cooperation between countries of origin, transit and destination, with a view to developing a concrete initiative in 2006.

• Enhance dialogue by spring 2006 with key sub-Saharan African states on the basis of Article
13 of the Cotonou Agreement, covering a broad range of issues from institution and capacity building and effective integration of legal migrants to return and the effective implementation of readmission obligations, in order to establish a mutually beneficial cooperation in this field.

• Establish and implement a pilot Regional Protection Programme (RPP) involving Tanzania as early as possible in 2006, with a steering group to oversee the programme. Based on findings from the pilot, develop plans for further programmes in Africa.

• Carry out a study to improve understanding of the root causes of migration to underpin the long-term approach.

• Develop regular dialogue with UNHCR as early as possible in 2006, to share experience and expertise on working with countries in Africa.

• Launch initiatives in early 2006 to promote cheaper and more easily available remittance services, and support ongoing efforts by international organisations to improve data on remittance flows; consider supporting efforts of African states to facilitate members of diasporas to contribute to their home countries, including through co-development actions, and explore options to mitigate the impact of skill losses in vulnerable sectors.

Work with neighbouring countries

…• Undertake priority work with the following three countries:

- Morocco – implement projects to combat trafficking and conclude negotiations of the EC-Morocco readmission agreement as early as possible;

- Algeria – hold a first meeting in early 2006 to take forward cooperation on the basis of the migration provisions of the EC-Algeria Association Agreement and begin the negotiation of the readmission agreement as quickly as possible on the basis of the mandate given to the Commission;
- Libya – conclude the work to agree the EU-Libya Action Plan on migration as early as possible in 2006, in accordance with the Council Conclusions of 3 June 2005 on initiating dialogue and cooperation with Libya on migration issues, and implement projects as soon as possible thereafter…

…• Help strengthen links between North and sub-Saharan African countries in the framework of the possible migration routes initiative.

• Continue dialogue and cooperation with UNHCR in helping third countries develop capacity for refugee protection…”