G8 Gleneagles Response to the Indian Ocean Disaster, and Future Action on Disaster Risk Reduction: Statement

Sectors : Disaster risk reduction and reconstruction
Date made: 


Commitments in: Disaster risk reduction and humanitarian assistance - Disaster risk reduction and reconstruction

“6. We recognise that to be effective, early warning systems for global geophysical events should be:

• Based on high quality and appropriate scientific advice that can be translated into effective action by policy makers and those most at risk at a local level. We will support closer co-ordination on natural hazard assessment to enable the scientific community to advise decision-takers on potential natural hazards likely to have high global or regional impact, within the existing UN co-ordinated international disaster reduction framework, including ISDR, in co-operation with GEOSS…

…8. Early warning alone will not eradicate the risk of disaster, nor will it reduce the impact of disasters, which have particularly grave implications for the poor and for hard-won development gains. In order to reduce disaster risk, we will work together with the UN, World Bank, other multi-development banks and developing countries to help them tackle disaster risk reduction more effectively. We will also consider how to improve the profile of disaster risk reduction in our development and other ministries.”