Accra Conference on Financing for Development: Infrastructure for Growth—the Energy Challenge, Communique, Accra, Ghana, 30-31 May 2007

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Organisation : AU
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“1.We, the African Finance and Energy Ministers, development partners, regional and international development financial institutions, UN agencies, State Secretary of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, representing the German Presidency of the G8 and the EU, representatives of civil society and the private sector met in Accra, Ghana, for the second Conference on Financing for Development hosted by the Government of the Republic of Ghana from 30 to 31 May 2007...

...4. We noted with concern that, excluding debt relief, Official Development Assistance (ODA) flows remain stagnant. However, increased flows from emerging creditors are helping African countries to finance pressing development needs. To address the critical problems in the energy sector and to pursue the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), we recognize that a wider variety of financing sources including concessional funds will need to be accessed.”