Statement by the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa, London, UK, 6 October 2005

Sectors : Infrastructure General
Organisation : AU
Date made: 

Commitments in: Infrastructure - Infrastructure General

“The inaugural meeting of the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa was held on 6 October 2005 in London and included representation from key African institutions and donors...

...The Consortium agreed to undertake intensive work, with others, in drawing on past lessons, and ensuring the most effective approaches across the range of infrastructure sectors. We will address the need for institutional strengthening and capacity building, including the necessary consolidation of good governance principals and related regulatory mechanism. We will also help to ensure that, as additional funds become available, this results in a significantly increased flow of effective financing for infrastructure in Africa...

...2. Strengthened NEPAD Short Term Action Plan (STAP) on Infrastructure - Finance

• The Consortium will support the NEPAD Secretariat on the Short Term Action Plan process, and help to accelerate project preparation

• The Consortium will play a brokering role in helping to match funds with prioritised projects, and identify and secure finance for at least 5 STAP projects by June 2006.

• The Consortium will encourage financiers to develop instruments that respond to the need for finance for regional infrastructure projects.

• The Secretariat will work with others in monitoring increased resources for infrastructure, and their use and impact. The Consortium will report on an annual basis to its members and to the Africa Partners Forum.

3. Support to the process of project preparation

• Consortium members agreed to co-operate to reduce the fragmentation and increase the effectiveness of existing project preparation facilities to respond to the challenge of accelerating project implementation – learning from the lessons of others including the private sector. Consortium members also agreed to look to future needs for project preparation funding, noting the NEPAD Infrastructure Preparation Facility is now a multi-donor facility, and to explore ways in which this could be more widely accessed, including by the subregional economic organisations...

...4. Analytical Work in Support of Outcomes

• Building on existing work, the Consortium will support the NEPAD’s Medium Long Term Strategic Framework study by AfDB and a Country Level Diagnostic Study by the World Bank. These complimentary studies will deliver baseline data on the state of Africa’s infrastructure and of the associated investment and policy needs at the Country and Regional levels.

• The Consortium will systematically put information into the public domain that will support both public and private investors in accelerating their support to African infrastructure.

5. Capacity Building

To ensure delivery of well prepared regional projects and sustainability of increased donor interventions in infrastructure development in the long term, the Consortium will promote support to the RECs, NEPAD Secretariat and African Union in appropriately targeted capacity building activities in infrastructure development.”