G8 Evian Action Against Famine, Especially in Africa: A G8 Action Plan

Sectors : Disaster risk reduction and reconstruction, Regional cooperation and integration, Food security, Humanitarian assistance
Organisation : G8
Date made: 
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Commitments in: Agriculture - Food security

“2. Improve assessment capacities, warning systems and prevention mechanisms

2.1 We will support the strengthening of national, regional and international capacity for developing accurate needs assessments as well as better shared analysis and understanding of vulnerability and its links to food insecurity. This should include appropriate use of common benchmarks and pre−famine indicators that combine production with food access and utilisation/nutrition indicators.

2.2 We will support the review and improvement of early warning and crop forecast systems as well as contingency planning at the national and regional level, in order to increase emergency preparedness and response. National decision makers will need to act on information provided in a timely manner and commit sufficient resources to fund and staff such systems.”


Commitments in: Disaster risk reduction and humanitarian assistance - Humanitarian assistance

“1.2 Since Kananaskis, we have delivered US$ 3.3 billion of emergency assistance to address these humanitarian needs world−wide, including US$ 1.7 billion for Sub−Saharan Africa. We will address new needs when they are confirmed with appropriate aid commitments.”