G8 Evian Action Against Famine, Especially in Africa: A G8 Action Plan

Sectors : Food security, Quality of aid
Organisation : G8
Date made: 
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Commitments in: Financing for Development - Quality of aid

“3. Increase aid effectiveness

3.1 We commit ourselves to more flexible and efficient approaches to the use of aid in specific food crisis situations. Aid must be more responsive to the needs of recipients, avoid distortions to local production and not undermine local markets. We will utilise both food assistance and cash to avoid or mitigate the impact of famine, taking into account the availability of food locally, ability of vulnerable populations to pay for food, and other relevant local market conditions....

...3.4 We will actively participate in discussions in relevant fora and institutions that address food aid modalities, and promote flexible, sustainable, efficient and responsive aid approaches while avoiding distortions to local markets. This includes working to bring new donors and new approaches to bear on addressing famine.”