G8 Evian Action Plan on Water

Sectors : Aid volume, Debt relief, Domestic resource mobilisation, Water and Sanitation
Organisation : G8
Date made: 
Heads of State
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Commitments in: Infrastructure - Water and Sanitation

“2 Utilising all financial resources In line with the Monterrey Consensus and the WSSD Plan of Implementation, bearing in mind the different needs of rural and urban populations, we are committed to:

2.1 Give high priority in Official Development Aid allocation to sound water and sanitation proposals of developing country partners. This can be a catalyst to mobilise other financial flows;

2.2 Help mobilise domestic resources for water infrastructure financing through the development and strengthening of local capital markets and financial institutions, particularly by:
"establishing, where appropriate, at the national and local levels, revolving funds that offer local currency;
"appropriate risk mitigation mechanisms;
"providing technical assistance for the development of efficient local financial markets and building municipal government capacity to design and implement financially viable projects;
"providing, as appropriate, targeted subsidies for the poorest communities that cannot fully service market rate debt...”