G8 Evian Fighting Corruption and Improving Transparency: A G8 Declaration

Sectors : Economic governance and public finance management
Organisation : G8
Date made: 
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Commitments in: Governance - Economic governance and public finance management

"1.2. require fiduciary assessments before countries can access budgetary support (as already done with the World Bank Poverty Reduction Support Credit program); work to ensure that all fiduciary and governance diagnostics are made public; and improve coordination and harmonisation of our administrative procedures;
1.3. encourage all developing countries to create, as part of their poverty reduction strategies, plans for concrete action on PFMA setting measurable and timebound targets, and call on the IMF and World Bank to strongly support these efforts in the context of their own assistance;
1.4. develop with donors and governments a PFMA performance assessment based on the HIPC Tracking exercise;
1.5. work with others to: achieve full disclosure of multilateral development bank (MDB) performance allocation systems; require publication of all MDB Country Assistance Strategies; urge presumptive publication of Article IV staff reports; and require publication of staff reports for all exceptional access cases, including a report for each that lays out clearly the related justification;
1.6. encourage participation in and publication of fiscal policy transparency ROSCs by all IMF members, including making this standard practice for exceptional access cases;
1.7. call on developing countries to implement their commitments in regional and international conventions on corruption through antiāˆ’corruption action plans, underpinning Poverty Reductions Strategy Papers (PRSPs). These action plans should be supported by the IMF, World Bank and other donors; we call upon them to join us in further increasing support and assistance in this regard."


"5. We recognise the importance of promoting Transparency in Government Procurement and the Awarding of Concessions. To this end, we will:
5.1. work towards including in our regional and bilateral trade agreements provisions requiring transparency in government procurement and the awarding of concessions, as well as provisions on trade facilitation;
5.2. at the Ministerial meeting in Cancun, in accordance with the Doha Development Agenda, commence negotiations aimed at achieving an inclusive multilateral agreement on transparency in government procurement. An agreement on Transparency in Government Procurement should include, among others, rules on publication of laws, procurement opportunities, qualification requirements, technical specifications and evaluation criteria.
5.3. ensure that transparency also constitutes a core element of a trade facilitation agreement."