G8 Genoa Communique

Sectors : General health and health funding, Health systems, medicines and regulation, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB
Organisation : G8
Date made: 
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Commitments in: Health - General health and health funding

“...we have launched with the UN Secretary-General a new Global Fund to fight HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. We are determined to make the Fund operational before the end of the year. We have committed $1.3 billion....
16. The Fund will promote an integrated approach emphasising prevention in a continuum of treatment and care. It will operate according to principles of proven scientific and medical effectiveness, rapid resource transfer, low transaction costs, and light governance with a strong focus on outcomes...It will offer additional financing consistent with existing programmes, to be integrated into the national health plans of partner countries...
In the context of the new Global Fund, we will work with the pharmaceutical industry and with affected countries to facilitate the broadest possible provision of drugs in an affordable and medically effective manner. We welcome ongoing discussion in the WTO on the use of relevant provisions in the Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs) agreement...we reaffirm our commitment to strong and effective intellectual property rights protection as a necessary incentive for research and development of life-saving drugs.”