G8 Evian Chair's Summary

Sectors : Agricultural and biotechnology, Energy, Sustainable development, Climate change - general, Environmental degradation and natural resource management
Organisation : G8
Date made: 
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Commitments in: Infrastructure - Energy

Science and technology for sustainable development. We adopted an Action Plan on how best to use science and technology for sustainable development focused on three areas:
− global observation;
− cleaner, more efficient energy and the fight against air pollution and climate change;
− agriculture and biodiversity.
Those of us who have ratified the Kyoto Protocol reaffirm their determination to see it enter into force.”


Commitments in: Climate Change - Climate change - general

“2. Enhancing Sustainable Development
We focused on the implementation of the internationally agreed Millennium and Johannesburg Development Goals in the following areas:

Africa. Our discussions with the Presidents of Algeria, Nigeria, Senegal and South Africa, the Leaders of countries represented on the NEPAD Steering Committee, demonstrated our common will to contribute to the development of Africa. We endorsed the report prepared by our Africa Personal Representatives. We agreed to widen our dialogue to other African Leaders on NEPAD and the G8 Africa Action Plan. We invite interested countries and relevant international institutions to appoint senior representatives to join this partnership. We will review progress on our Action Plan no later than 2005 on the basis of a report.”


Commitments in: Environment - Environmental degradation and natural resource management

"Illegal logging. From the perspective of sustainable forest management, we confirmed our determination to strengthen international efforts to tackle the problem of illegal logging.

Marine environment and tanker safety. We endorsed an Action Plan to reduce the threat posed by excessive exploitation of marine resources and to enhance maritime security...”