Abuja Call for Accelerated Action Towards Universal Access to HIV/Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria Services in Africa, Abuja, Nigeria, 2-4 May 2006

Sectors : Domestic resource mobilisation, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Quality of aid, TB
Organisation : AU
Date made: 
Heads Of State
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Commitments in: Financing for Development - Domestic resource mobilisation

“To mobilize local resources for sustainable and predictable financing, including the implementation of the Abuja Declaration Call for 15% of the National Budget to health and strengthen our collaboration with national and international partners to mobilize adequate financial resources to fight the epidemics; and ensure that financial resources mobilized to fight all the three epidemics can actually be spent by the removal of the mediumterm expenditure ceilings on public spending imposed on African countries by the International Financing Institutions; To negotiate for debt cancellation and the availability of grants at national and regional levels that would specifically be targeted at financing prevention, treatment, care and support of the three diseases; To undertake collective advocacy with multi-lateral and bilateral donors to end all conditionalities except normal fiduciary requirements;”