Assembly of the African Union, 4th Ordinary Session, African Union Non-Aggression and Common Defense Pact, Abuja, Nigeria, 31 January 2005

Sectors : Conflict resources, Human Rights, Peace-building and peacekeeping
Organisation : AU
Date made: 
Heads Of State
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Commitments in: Peace and security - Peace-building and peacekeeping

“State Parties undertake, pursuant to the provisions of the Constitutive Act, to resolve any differences by peaceful means, in order to avoid endangering peace and security; to refrain from the use of force or threat to use force in their relations with each other and in any manner whatsoever, incompatible with the United Nations Charter. Consequently, no consideration whatsoever, be it political, economic, military, religious or racial shall justify aggression; State Parties undertake to develop and strengthen the friendly and peaceful relations among them in accordance with the fundamental principles of the Union; State Parties undertake to promote such sustainable development policies as are appropriate to enhance the well being of the African people, including the dignity and fundamental rights of every human being in the context of a democratic society as stipulated in the Lome Declaration. In particular, State Parties shall ensure freedom of worship, respect of the cultural identity of peoples and the rights of minorities; State Parties undertake to prohibit and prevent genocide, other forms of mass murder as well as crimes against humanity.”