G8 L'Aquila Responsible Leadership for a Sustainable Future: Statement

Sectors : Aid volume, Debt relief, Financial Institutions, markets, services and microfinance, Quality of aid, Peace-building and peacekeeping, General health and health funding, Transparency and accountability, Education capacity, Institutional development
Organisation : G8
Date made: 
Heads Of State
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Commitments in: Financing for Development - Aid volume

“100. We reconfirm our resolve to implement the Monterrey Consensus and the Doha Declaration on Financing for Development. In particular, despite the severe impact of the crisis on our economies, we reiterate the importance of fulfilling our commitments to increase aid made at Gleneagles, and reaffirmed at Heiligendamm and Toyako. For Africa, this will include increasing, together with other donors ODA by US$ 25 billion a year by 2010, compared to 2004. The OECD-DAC estimated that the combined commitments of G8 and other donors would increase overall ODA by around $50 billion a year by 2010 compared to 2004. We will continue to provide debt relief according to the Enhanced HIPC initiative, the Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative and the Paris Club’s Evian Approach.

101. At the London Summit we have agreed a substantial increase of resources available through the International Financial Institutions (IFIs) for crisis support and sustaining growth. As G8 we remain firmly committed to the London decisions and their thorough and timely implementation...

102. The financial crisis makes it doubly important that we improve the effectiveness of our aid. We are firmly committed to implement the Paris Declaration and the Accra Agenda for Action (AAA), to ensure development effectiveness. Building on the results of the 2008 OECD Survey, we will accelerate implementation of our aid effectiveness commitments, with a strong focus on in-country implementation, to be reviewed at the 2011 Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness. We stand ready to work with partner countries, non-DAC donors and providers of South-South cooperation to improve development results.” 


Commitments in: Peace and security - Peace-building and peacekeeping

“129...We will reinforce G8 programs, taking action to:...

...b) provide assistance, including financial, for African-led peace support operations, and work towards flexible and predictable funding. We commit to help strengthen the African Union and Regional Economic Communities’ peacekeeping capabilities, including by assisting in the full operationalisation of the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA) including the African Standby Force (ASF).”


Commitments in: Health - General health and health funding

“125. We reaffirm our existing commitments, including the US$ 60 billion investment to fight infectious diseases and strengthen health system by 2012. Building on the decisions taken at St. Petersburg, Heiligendamm and Toyako, we have established a follow-up mechanism to monitor the progress of health commitments. We welcome the report submitted by our experts, highlighting progress and proposing further actions, and we commit to further improvements.”


Commitments in: Education - Education capacity

 “127. We remain committed to the goals of Education for All (EFA) and we welcome the progress made so far, but we recognize that decisive action is still needed...

128. We reiterate our support to the Education for All - Fast Track Initiative (EFA-FTI) as a good practice for aid effectiveness. We will continue to facilitate the implementation, within 2009, of the EFA/FTI’s reform process with specific attention on the most effective governance structures and financing mechanisms...We, along with other donors, are committed to a unified approach, mobilizing predictable bilateral and multilateral resources in order to fulfil the financial shortfall estimated by the FTI at $1.2 billion over the coming 18 months, and to close gaps in education data, policy and capacity to accelerate action on EFA...”