G8 L'Aquila Promoting the Global Agenda: Statement

Sectors : International partnerships and support for Pan-African institutions, Food security
Organisation : G8
Date made: 
Heads Of State
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Commitments in: Development partnerships - International partnerships and support for Pan-African institutions

“12. We are committed to advance reform processes in international organisations, including the UN, to reflect contemporary reality and challenges thus enhancing their relevance, legitimacy and efficiency. In this respect, we ask the HAP Steering Committee to examine coordinated approaches to strengthening the reform process of specialised international institutions dealing with food security issues. We are dedicated to improving the coherence of the multilateral system and welcome stronger coordination of international organisations. In particular, we encourage the relevant UN organisations, the IMF, the FSB, the ILO, the OECD, the WB and the WTO to work in a coordinated manner.”