G8 L'Aquila Promoting the Global Agenda: Statement

Sectors : International partnerships and support for Pan-African institutions, Regional cooperation and integration, Quality of aid, Political governance
Organisation : G8
Date made: 
Heads Of State
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Commitments in: Financing for Development - Quality of aid

“11. We are committed to strengthening our dialogue and partnership with low income countries on the basis of a set of core development principles:

- Promoting effective and responsible policies for sustainable development: We are determined to engage responsibly with low-income countries, especially those in situations of fragility. We respect and support the ownership and leadership of developing country partners in identifying and implementing priorities for their development and we will enhance coordination among development partners. We are fully committed to enhancing our coordination and implementing the Accra Agenda for Action, to improve the quality, predictability and effectiveness of development policies with the aim of maximising their impact. We will continue to promote debt sustainability and transparency principles which we have agreed in other fora. We will make sure that climate related measures are integrated in a comprehensive development approach.

- Promoting good governance, accountability and transparency: we reaffirm the importance of promoting good governance and the rule of law, which requires responsible and transparent use of public resources as well as appropriate policy frameworks and decision-making processes conducive to sustainable development. We will strengthen mutual accountability and assess progress of development initiatives, making information on these initiatives available.

- Promoting partnership, dialogue and capacity development: we acknowledge the key role of engaging all agents of development – central and local governments, civil society and private sector – to achieve internationally agreed development goals including the MDGs. We are committed to supporting partner countries’ efforts to build capable and effective governments, strong and transparent institutions, and healthy and engaged societies. We also underscore the value of triangular cooperation in providing an important link that can enhance synergies between South-South and North-South cooperation. We agree to pursue effective triangular cooperation on a case by case basis and according to our respective national capacities.

- Strengthening multilateral and regional institutions that play an increasingly prominent role in development, including by fostering income and job generation, economic integration, regional trade and cooperation and contributing to promote peace and security.”