World Summit on Food Security, Rome 16-18 November 2009: Declaration

Sectors : Agricultural investment and production, Sustainable development, Food security
Organisation : FAO
Date made: 
Heads Of State
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Commitments in: Agriculture - Agricultural investment and production

“Principle 3: Strive for a comprehensive twin-track approach to food security that consists of: 1) direct action to immediately tackle hunger for the most vulnerable and 2) medium and long-term sustainable agricultural, food security, nutrition and rural development programmes to eliminate the root causes of hunger and poverty, including through the progressive realization of the right to adequate food.”


“25. We commit, considering diverse conditions in each country, to support increased production and productivity of agriculture, and to reduce pre- and post-harvest losses. We will implement sustainable practices, including responsible fisheries, improved resource use, protection of the environment, conservation of the natural resource base and enhanced use of ecosystem services. We will give special attention to crop and livestock systems, fisheries and aquaculture, and forest and tree resources, with a focus on smallholders. We will address access to, and sustainable use of, land and water; maintaining the health and productivity of all ecosystems; and better management of the biodiversity associated with food and agriculture. We note, as an example, the perilous state of Lake Chad and encourage all efforts to protect it. We will support the conservation of, access to, and fair and equitable sharing of, the benefits arising from the use of genetic resources, in accordance with national law and international agreements.”