Brussels European Council – Presidency Conclusions, October 2009

Sectors : Employment and Training, Institutional development, Economic governance and public finance management, Climate change - general, Energy, climate change and technology
Organisation : EU
Date made: 
Heads Of State
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Commitments in: Private Sector development and financial services for the poor - Employment and Training

“29. As the employment situation in Europe can be expected to deteriorate further, a continued political commitment to active labour market policies is required. It is necessary to take measures to support the connection to the labour market and to prevent high unemployment levels from becoming persistent, thus ensuring high employment levels and sustainable public finances in the long run. Labour market participation is a prerequisite for economic growth, for the social and economic wellbeing of individuals and for a more socially cohesive Europe.

In this regard, active social inclusion and social protection policies should also be promoted. The European Union can contribute to these efforts by promoting cooperation, coordination and mutual learning.”


Commitments in: Governance - Economic governance and public finance management

“32. In this connection, the European Council welcomes the outcome of the G20 Pittsburgh meeting, particularly as regards the preparation of a framework for strong, sustainable and balanced growth as well as continuing work on a Charter for Sustainable Economic Activity. It also welcomes the commitment to take measures to strengthen the international financial supervisory and regulatory system, including reforming international standards for compensation and achieving a single set of high quality global accounting standards. The European Council emphasizes that, in the context of the framework for strong, sustainable and balanced growth, the IMF and the G20 will have to take fully into account the institutional economic policy set-up of the European Union and the euro area as a whole. It calls on the Council and the Commission to ensure thorough preparation by the European Union of future G20 meetings.”


Commitments in: Climate Change - Climate change - general

“24. The European Council endorses the conclusions adopted by the Council on 21 October 2009 (doc. 14790/09), which together with these European Council conclusions and the attached guidelines give the Union a strong negotiating position. It will allow the European Union to play a constructive role during the final phase of the negotiating process, in particular on key issues such as financing, technology transfer, adaptation, mitigation and good governance.”