G20 Pittsburgh Summit Leaders' Statement, 24 September 2009

Sectors : Agricultural and biotechnology, Agricultural investment and production, International partnerships and support for Pan-African institutions, Sustainable development, Food security, Climate change technology and research, Investment, Mitigation and low carbon growth
Organisation : G20
Date made: 
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Commitments in: Development partnerships - International partnerships and support for Pan-African institutions

“...Reforming the Mission, Mandate and Governance of Our Development banks...

24. We agree that development and reducing global poverty are central to the development banks’ core mission. The World Bank and other multilateral development banks are also critical to our ability to act together to address challenges, such as climate change and food security, which are global in nature and require globally coordinated action. The World Bank, working with the regional development banks and other international organizations, should strengthen:

 - its focus on food security through enhancements in agricultural productivity and access to technology, and improving access to food, in close cooperation with relevant specialized agencies; 

 - its focus on human development and security in the poorest and most challenging environments; 

 - support for private-sector led growth and infrastructure to enhance opportunities for the poorest, social and economic inclusion, and economic growth; and 

 - contributions to financing the transition to a green economy through investment in sustainable clean energy generation and use, energy efficiency and climate resilience; this includes responding to countries needs to integrate climate change concerns into their core development strategies, improved domestic policies, and to access new sources of climate finance.”