Abuja Declaration On HIV/Aids, Tuberculosis And Other Related Infectious Diseases, Abuja, Nigeria, 26-27 April 2001

Sectors : General health and health funding, HIV/AIDS, Other Preventable Diseases, TB, International trade: market access, subsidies and aid for trade, Health systems, medicines and regulation
Organisation : AU
Date made: 
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Commitments in: Health - General health and health funding

"23. …WE ARE RESOLVED to consolidate the foundations for the prevention and control of the scourge of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Other Related Infectious Diseases through a comprehensive multisectoral strategy which involves all appropriate development sectors of our governments as well as a broad mobilisation of our societies at all levels, including community level organisations, civil society, NGOs, the private sector, trade unions, the media, religious organisations, schools, youth organisations, women organisations, people living with HIV/AIDS organizations and individuals who care for, support and sensitise our population to the threat of HIV/AIDS and associated opportunistic infections and also to protect those not yet infected, particularly the women, children and youth through appropriate and effective prevention programmes.

24. …WE COMMIT OURSELVES TO TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY AND PROVIDE LEADERSHIP for the activities of the National AIDS Commissions/Councils. WE THEREFORE RESOLVE to lead from the front the battle against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Other Related Infectious Diseases by personally ensuring that such bodies were properly convened in mobilizing our societies as a whole and providing focus for unified national policymaking and programme implementation, ensuring coordination of all sectors at all levels with a gender perspective and respect for human rights, particularly to ensure equal rights for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWA).

25. WE ALSO COMMIT OURSELVES TO ENSURE that leadership role is exercised by everyone in his/her area of responsibility in the fight against HIV/AIDS and other related diseases. WE THEREFORE ENDORSE the “African Consensus and Plan of Action: Leadership to overcome HIV/AIDS” adopted during the Second African Development Forum on “AIDS: The Greatest Leadership Challenge” organised by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) in
collaboration with the OAU, UNAIDS and ILO (Addis Ababa, 3-7 December 2000).

26. …WE ALSO PLEDGE to make available the necessary resources for the improvement of the comprehensive multi-sectoral response, and that an appropriate and adequate portion of this amount is put at the disposal of the National Commissions/Councils for the fight against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Other Related Infectious Diseases.

…30. WE UNDERTAKE to mobilize all the human, material and financial resources required to provide CARE and SUPPORT and quality treatment to our populations infected with HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Other Related Infections, and to organize meetings to evaluate the status of implementation of the objective of access to care.”


Commitments in: Health - Health systems, medicines and regulation

“ 31. WE ALSO UNDERTAKE to enact and utilize appropriate legislation and international trade regulations to ensure the availability of drugs at affordable prices and technologies for treatment, care and prevention of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Other Infectious Diseases. WE ALSO RESOLVE to take immediate action to use tax exemption and other incentives to reduce the prices of drugs and all other inputs in health care services for accelerated improvement of the health of our populations.

32. WE RESOLVE to explore and further develop the potential of traditional medicine and traditional health practitioners in the prevention, care and management of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Other Related Infectious Diseases.”


Commitments in: Health - HIV/AIDS

“38. WE ENDORSE the Abuja Declaration on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Other Related Infectious Diseases; WE PLEDGE to promote advocacy at the national, regional and international levels; and WE ALSO PLEDGE to ensure massive participation of Heads of State and Government at the United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on HIV/AIDS slated for 25 – 27 June 2001 so as to ensure that the session comes up with concrete and urgent decisions for the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa including the fight against poverty and deduction of Africa’s debt.”