5th CADDP Partnership Platform meeting, Communique, Abuja, Nigeria, 9-10 November 2009

Sectors : Agricultural investment and production, Transparency and accountability, Food security
Organisation : AU
Date made: 
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Commitments in: Governance - Transparency and accountability

“31. Having reached a common understanding on the principles of Mutual Accountability Framework (MAF), the meeting called on the MAF Task Team to develop the Framework for review and endorsement by the next PP. As part of the framework, the meeting specifically called for an inventory of commitments made by the African Union and related institutions (RECs, Member States, and Pillar Institutions etc); Development Partners and the International Community on CAADP by the next PP.”

Regional Africa

“34. Noting the call by the G-20 for the establishment, at the World Bank, of a Global Financing Mechanism for Food Security (Multi Donor Trust Fund), the meeting called for its proper alignment to CAADP’s framework, structures, tools and streamlined procedures to ensure steady disbursement of funds to support the implementation of country compacts and investment plans. The meeting also called for the broadening of the CAADP Peer Review Mechanism and M&E system to monitor and report on the commitments and the use of the funds at country level in a transparent manner.”

Regional Africa