India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) Dialogue Forum, Somerset West Ministerial Communiqué 11 May 2008

Sectors : Economic governance and public finance management, Sustainable development, Transparency and accountability, Food security, Human Rights, International partnerships and support for Pan-African institutions, Political governance
Organisation : Other
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Commitments in: Governance - Transparency and accountability

“6. The Ministers also reiterated the importance of capacity building, equity and transparency in international economic relations for developing countries to achieve the MDGs, especially Sub-Saharan Africa. The Ministers underscored their agreement to work together to eradicate poverty and hunger and promote sustained economic growth, sustainable development and global prosperity for all. In this regard, they welcomed the commitment by the government of India during the Africa-India Forum Summit in April 2008 to extend Duty Free Tariff Preference Scheme to all Least Developed Countries and recalled the similar Brazilian commitment made during the 12th UNCTAD held in Ghana.”


Commitments in: Governance - Human Rights

“18.The Ministers reiterated their commitment to protect and promote the universal human right to food.”


Commitments in: Governance - Political governance

“3. The Ministers reaffirmed their call to make the structures of global governance more democratic, representative and legitimate by increasing the participation of the South in their decision-making. In this regard, the Ministers reiterated that the international system cannot be reordered meaningfully without a comprehensive reform of the UN, and the Security Council, in permanent and non-permanent categories of membership. Ministers reiterated that inter-governmental negotiations on the issue of Security Council reform must commence forthwith.”