Communique of the 14th Extraordinary Session of the IGAD Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the Sudan peace process, Nairobi, 9 March 2010

Sectors : Peace-building and peacekeeping
Organisation : IGAD (Intergovernmental Authority for Development)
Date made: 
Heads Of State

Commitments in: Peace and security - Peace-building and peacekeeping

“The IGAD Heads of State and Government held an Extra-Ordinary Summit meeting in Nairobi, Kenya on 9th March 2010, under the Chairmanship of H.E. Ato Meles Zenawi, the Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and Chairperson of the IGAD Assembly to consider the status of implementation of the Sudan Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA)...

...Observed the following:
Acknowledges the progress made by the Parties in the implementation of the CPA and the resolution of the impasse on national census;

Emphasizes the centrality of IGAD’s role in the full implementation of the CPA;

The signing of the framework agreement between the Government of the Sudan and the Justice and Equality Movement on 23rd February 2010, in Doha, Qatar as well as the signing of the electoral
Code of Conduct and of a Declaration on Common Commitments in Juba by the Sudanese Political Parties under the auspices of the AU High Level Implementation Panel.

Decides to:
1. Urge the Parties to the CPA to remain committed to the implementation of outstanding issues in the Agreement, in particular, completion of the North-South and Abyei border demarcations, redeployment of forces, integration of the Joint Integrated Units (JIUs), establishment of the Southern Sudan and  Abyei Referenda Commissions and Popular Consultations in South Kordofan and Blue Nile States;

2. Urge the Government of the Sudan and the Parties to ensure the removal of all obstacles to a free and fair election;

3. Direct the IGAD Council of Ministers to liaise with the two Parties to give technical support in the remaining areas of border demarcation and establishment of the referenda commissions by May 2010;

4. Call upon the two parties to develop a working formula that would ensure collaboration for the effective implementation of the CPA;

5. Welcome the Parties commitment to immediately commence the negotiations on post referendum arrangements and confirm the continuing availability of IGAD to support the process;

6. Direct the IGAD Council of Ministers to immediately undertake shuttle diplomacy to nurture mutual trust and confidence building between the two Parties to the CPA;

7. Direct the IGAD Secretariat to immediately open a Liaison Office in Juba to follow up the implementation of the CPA;

8. Direct the IGAD Secretariat to operationalise the invitation to observe the April 2010 general elections in the Sudan and requests the observer team to take their posts by end of March 2010;

9. Appreciate the support of the IGAD Partners Forum (IPF), regional and international organizations and Direct the IGAD Secretariat to convene in collaboration with the Parties and IPF an international Donors Conference on the required support for pre and post referendum period;

10. Remain seized of the implementation of the CPA.”