Assembly of the African Union 15th Ordinary Session, Kampala, Uganda, 25-27 July 2010

Sectors : Health systems, medicines and regulation, Maternal health, reproductive health and infant mortality
Organisation : AU
Date made: 
Heads Of State
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Commitments in: Health - Maternal health, reproductive health and infant mortality

“Actions on maternal, newborn and child health and development in Africa by 2015

...2. COMMIT TO UNDERTAKE the following actions:

 (ii) Strengthen the health system to provide comprehensive, integrated, maternal, newborn and child health care services, in particular through primary health care, repositioning of family planning including reproductive health commodities security, infrastructure development and skilled human resources for health in particular to train Community Health Workers to mitigate the human resource crisis in the Health sector;

(iii) Provide stewardship as national Governments and achieve policy coherence by developing integrated health plans within the development plan with cross disease and cross sector health goals and coordinate multi-sectoral actions and multi-agency partnerships;

(iv) Provide strong support for sharing and scaling up of identified good practices that have high impact and that are cost effective; and request the AU Commission to map and disseminate such practices;...”