Assembly of the African Union 15th Ordinary Session, Kampala, Uganda, 25-27 July 2010

Sectors : Infrastructure General, Transport
Organisation : AU
Date made: 
Heads Of State
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Commitments in: Infrastructure - Transport

“Decision on socio-economic transformation and infrastructure development in Africa: energy, railways, roads and ICT sectors

...6. ENDORSES the recommendations in the above mentioned paper and, more in particular, agrees on the following measures:...


i) Include in the national priorities the various regional and continental interconnection infrastructure network projects and programmes;

ii) Harmonize regulations, standards and executions to promote country-to-region interconnection and efficient operation of networks and market development;

iii) Create appropriate institutional frameworks for development of the major integration projects and carry out the necessary reforms to ensure better operation and maintenance of the projects;

iv) Contribute financially to the NEPAD infrastructure projects preparation facility;

v) Reduce the cost of construction and maintenance of railway infrastructure by using cheap labour provided by National Armies;”