UN Summit: Millennium Development Goals High Level Plenary Meeting of the General Assembly 65th Session: outcome document, New York, 17 September 2010

Sectors : Economic governance and public finance management, Economic governance, corruption and crime, Political governance, Women's rights, Health systems, medicines and regulation
Organisation : UN
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Heads Of State
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Commitments in: Governance - Economic governance and public finance management

 “49. We resolve to take further effective measures and actions, in conformity with international law to remove obstacles and constraints, strengthen support and meet the special needs of the regions and countries struggling to achieve economic and social development, including least developed countries, landlocked developing countries, small island developing States, middle income countries, Africa, and people living in areas affected by complex humanitarian emergencies and in areas affected by terrorism. In addition, we acknowledge the need to take concerted actions in conformity with international law to remove the obstacles to the full realization of the rights of peoples living under foreign occupation to promote the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.”


Commitments in: Gender - Women's rights

 “72. We commit ourselves to accelerating progress to achieve Millennium Development Goal 3, including through:

 ...(g) Strengthening comprehensive national laws and policies and programmes to enhance accountability and raise awareness, prevent and combat all forms of violence against women and girls everywhere, which undermine their full enjoyment of all human rights, and ensure that women have access to justice and protection, and that all perpetrators of such violence are duly investigated, prosecuted and punished in order to end impunity, in conformity with national legislation, international humanitarian law and international human rights law;”


Commitments in: Health - Health systems, medicines and regulation

 “73. We commit ourselves to accelerating progress in promoting global public health for all, including through:

 ...(h) Improving national health governance, including through the participation of civil society, the private sector and other relevant stakeholders, as well as strengthening international support, as appropriate, in order to ensure that national health systems are sustainable, well prepared and capable of responding to challenges, including crises and pandemics;”