3rd Africa-EU Summit, Tripoli Declaration, Tripoli, 29-30 November 2010

Sectors : International partnerships and support for Pan-African institutions, Economic governance and public finance management, Regional cooperation and integration, Investment, Science, research and technology general, Social protection, Transparency and accountability
Organisation : EU
Date made: 
Heads Of State
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Commitments in: Development partnerships - International partnerships and support for Pan-African institutions

“We, Heads of State and Governments of Africa and the European Union, representing more than 1.5 billion citizens have gathered in Tripoli on 29 – 30 November 2010 determined to seize together new opportunities for broader and mutually beneficial initiatives.

The Partnership between Africa and the European Union is one of the most enduring global relationships and is of strategic significance to both sides. We will continue the work launched at the Cairo Summit in 2000 and Lisbon Summit in 2007, where we decided to put our relations on a new, equal and strategic level. We confirm the Joint Africa –EU Strategy as the framework for our future cooperation and adopt the Action Plan 2011 – 13 as our new commitment to the realisation of this Partnership.”


“Africa and the EU will work together to ensure more effective participation and improved cooperation in international bodies, including the United Nations General Assembly, and the G20. We will further strengthen our high level political dialogue aiming at a better coordinated approach and joint positions in international negotiations. We emphasize the importance of an effective multilateralism and reaffirm our determination to ensure that multilateral institutions are the main fora for international cooperation on peace and security, human rights and democracy and on global governance. In this context, we recognize the need to pursue the reform of the main UN bodies with a view to making the overall UN system more effective and transparent and which should be reflective of the substantial changes the international community and UN membership have undergone...”


Commitments in: Private Sector development and financial services for the poor - Investment

“...we are committed to promoting the private sector as a key driver of inclusive and sustainable economic growth and an important actor in providing for more equal and balanced development. To flourish, this private investment needs, a transparent and well–governed business environment, partnerships with the public sector, better productivity, social protection of workers both in formal and informal economies, together with reinforced efforts of education and technology transfer in order to promote a knowledge based Society. We recognize the equally important dimension of regional integration for growth and development and commit to conclude Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) that support socio-economic development, regional integration and the integration of Africa into the global economy.”