Brussels European Council – Presidency Conclusions, December 2006

Sectors : Labour migration
Organisation : EU
Date made: 
Heads Of State

Commitments in: Migration - Labour migration

“24. The European Council accordingly agrees on the following next steps to be taken during the course of 2007:

a) strengthen and deepen international cooperation and dialogue with third countries of origin and transit, in a comprehensive and balanced manner. In particular:

? the partnership between the European Union and African and Mediterranean countries will be deepened by broadening dialogue and strengthening practical cooperation; this partnership will build in particular on the joint commitments made in the Ministerial conferences in Rabat and Tripoli in 2006 as well as on the work underway in the framework of the EU/Africa dialogue on migration and development, on the basis of Article 13 of the Cotonou Agreement, and the Euromed process, including the Ministerial Conference on Migration in 2007. In order to strengthen the migration dialogue, specific EU missions will be sent to key African countries during 2007...

...? Member States and the Commission will integrate migration and development issues into aid policies and programming, encourage the countries of origin and transit to incorporate migration issues in their national development plans, including poverty reduction strategies, and support capacity building for effective migration management, including through establishment of country-specific migration profiles. The new generation of regional and country strategy papers will fully incorporate, where relevant, the connection between migration and development. In this regard, the Commission's initiative for an EU Programme on Migration and Development in Africa provides a way to address this issue in the short and medium-term. Member States are also encouraged to enhance coordination and to develop joint programming...”