Cotonou 2000 ACP-EU Agreement

Sectors : Health systems, medicines and regulation, HIV/AIDS, Primary and basic education, Water and Sanitation
Organisation : EU
Date made: 
Heads Of State
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Commitments in: Education - Primary and basic education


Social sector development

1. Cooperation shall support ACP States’ efforts at developing general and sectoral policies and reforms which improve the coverage, quality of and access to basic social infrastructure and services and take account of local needs and specific demands of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged, thus reducing the inequalities of access to these services. Special attention shall be paid to ensuring adequate levels of public spending in the social sectors. In this context, cooperation shall aim at:

(a) improving education and training, and building technical capacity and skills;
(b) improving health systems and nutrition, eliminating hunger and malnutrition, ensuring adequate food supply and security;
(c) integrating population issues into development strategies in order to improve reproductive health, primary health care, family planning; and prevention of female genital mutilation;
(d) promoting the fight against HIV/AIDS;
(e) increasing the security of household water and improving access to safe water and adequate sanitation;
(f) improving the availability of affordable and adequate shelter for all through supporting low-cost and low-income housing programs and improving urban development; and
(g) encouraging the promotion of participatory methods of social dialogue as well as respect for basic social rights.

2. Cooperation shall also support capacity-building in social areas such as programmes for training in the design of social policies and modern methods for managing social projects and programmes; policies conducive to technological innovation and research; building local expertise and promoting partnerships; and round-table discussions at national and/or regional level.

3. Cooperation shall promote and support the development and implementation of policies and of systems of social protection and security in order to enhance social cohesion and to promote self-help and community solidarity. The focus of the support shall, inter-alia, be on developing initiatives based on economic solidarity, particularly by setting-up social development funds adapted to local needs and actors.”