EU 2005 Brussels The European Consensus on Development

Sectors : International trade: market access, subsidies and aid for trade
Organisation : EU
Date made: 
Heads Of State
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Commitments in: Trade - International trade: market access, subsidies and aid for trade

“36. ...We will provide additional assistance to help poor countries build the capacity to trade. Particular attention will be paid to the least advanced and most vulnerable countries. The EU will maintain its work for properly sequenced market opening, especially on products of export interest for developing countries, underpinned by an open, fair, equitable, rules-based multilateral trading system that takes into account the interests and concerns of the weaker nations. The EU will address the issues of special and differentiated treatment and preference erosion with a view to promote trade between developed countries and developing countries, as well as among developing countries. The EU will continue to promote the adoption by all developed countries of quota free and tariff free access for LDCs before the end of the Doha round, or more generally. Within the framework of the reformed Common Agriculture Policy (CAP), the EU will substantially reduce the level of trade distortion related to its support measures to the agricultural sector, and facilitate developing countries’ agricultural development…The EU will continue to pay particular attention to the development objectives of the countries with which the Community has or will agree fisheries agreements.”