Millennium Development Goals: EU Contribution to the Review of the MDGs at the UN 2005 High Level Event, 24 May 2005

Sectors : International trade: market access, subsidies and aid for trade, Regional cooperation and integration, Regional trade
Organisation : EU
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Heads Of State
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Commitments in: Trade - Regional trade


...27. Focusing on trade and regional integration as instruments for development, the Council remains committed to ensure that the EPA process is firmly focuses on accelerating development including the strengthening of the supply side capacity and competitiveness, in particular by focusing on the following areas:

• Economic governance;
• Trade related assistance and capacity building, including the development of home markets;
• Targeted support measures in key areas such as cotton, sugar and textiles;
• Identification of resources to support adjustment measures;
• An ambitious trade facilitation agenda;
• Addressing agriculture as a key element in the negotiations and supporting the development of regional agricultural markets based on adequate market regulation;
• Supporting African partners to become more active players in the framework of multilateral trade, and enhance South-South trade...”