African-EU Summit, Cairo Plan of Action, Cairo, Egypt, 3-4 April 2000

Sectors : Regional cooperation and integration
Organisation : EU
Date made: 
Heads Of State
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Commitments in: Development partnerships - Regional cooperation and integration

“We agree to:

1. Strengthen the support for the process of regional co-operation and integration in Africa. In this context, We will create the necessary environment and develop an effective framework for promoting a constructive dialogue on political, economic, social and development issues.

2. Support regional integration programmes in Africa that are geared to increasing efficiency by eliminating constraints to cross-border trade, investment and payments, and achieving a harmonised economic space...

...4. Strengthen the capacity of African regional integration institutions, notably the African Economic Community (AEC), and support them in the formulation and implementation of their programmes consistent with the objective of the Abuja Treaty, on the basis of needs assessment which will in particular take into account the impact of multilateral trade liberalisation on regional integration.

5. Promote the implementation of best practices in project formulation and execution, regional sectoral projects, and the harmonisation of macroeconomic and sectoral policies that will help the implementation of Africa’s economic co-operation and integration efforts and the speedy establishment of the African Union.”