African-EU Summit, Cairo Plan of Action, Cairo, Egypt, 3-4 April 2000

Sectors : ICT, Industry, Infrastructure General, Transport
Organisation : EU
Date made: 
Heads Of State
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Commitments in: Private Sector development and financial services for the poor - Industry

“Infrastructural Problem and Industrial Base

We agree to:

24. Continue to support African countries in their efforts to increase their production capacities, strengthen industrial base, enhance competitiveness and diversify their economies.

25. Continue to support African countries in their efforts to expand their transport and communications network and services with a view to increasing access to rural and isolated areas as well as interconnecting their national networks.

26. Enhance their capacity to create a propitious environment and to build capacities in the regulatory, policy-making and operations fields.

27. Provide financial resources and technical support for the development and maintenance of infrastructure and industry and promote the involvement of the private sector.

28. Support programmes on economic transformation and the strengthening of industrial base in Africa while taking into account environmental and health concerns in the continent.

29. Attach high priority to air safety in Africa and agree to co-operate to enhance the capacity of African countries to implement communications, navigation, surveillance, air traffic management and safety systems including appropriate programs.”