Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness: Ownership, Harmonisation, Alignment, Results and Mutual Accountability, Paris, France, 2 March 2005

Sectors : HIV/AIDS, Institutional development, Quality of aid, Economic governance and public finance management
Organisation : OECD
Date made: 
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Commitments in: Financing for Development - Quality of aid

“4. We commit ourselves to taking concrete and effective action to address the remaining challenges, including:

i. Weaknesses in partner countries’ institutional capacities to develop and implement results-driven national development strategies.
ii. Failure to provide more predictable and multi-year commitments on aid flows to committed partner countries.
iii. Insufficient delegation of authority to donors’ field staff, and inadequate attention to incentives for effective development partnerships between donors and partner countries.
iv. Insufficient integration of global programmes and initiatives into partner countries’ broader development agendas, including in critical areas such as HIV/AIDS.
v. Corruption and lack of transparency, which erode public support, impede effective resource mobilisation and allocation and divert resources away from activities that are vital for poverty reduction and sustainable economic development. Where corruption exists, it inhibits donors from relying on partner country systems.”


“Strengthen public financial management capacity

...25. Partner countries commit to:

• Intensify efforts to mobilise domestic resources, strengthen fiscal sustainability, and create an enabling environment for public and private investments.

• Publish timely, transparent and reliable reporting on budget execution.

• Take leadership of the public financial management reform process.

26. Donors commit to:

• Provide reliable indicative commitments of aid over a multi-year framework and disburse aid in a timely and predictable fashion according to agreed schedules (Indicator 7).
• Rely to the maximum extent possible on transparent partner government budget and accounting mechanisms (Indicator 5).

27. Partners countries and donors jointly committed to:

• Implemented harmonized diagnostic reviews and performance assessment frameworks in public financial management.”


“Delivering effective aid in fragile states

...38. Partner countries commit to:

•  Make progress towards building institutions and establishing governance structures that deliver effective governance, public safety, security, and equitable access to basic social services for their citizens.
•  Engage in dialogue with donors on developing simple planning tools, such as the transitional results matrix, where national development strategies are not yet in place.
•  Encourage broad participation of a range of national actors in setting development priorities.”