The Africa-EU Partnership - A Joint EU Strategy, Lisbon, Portugal, 9 December 2007

Sectors : Labour migration, General health and health funding, Health systems, medicines and regulation
Organisation : AU, EU
Date made: 
Heads Of State
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Commitments in: Migration - Labour migration

“68. ...Africa and the EU will pursue and implement policies and programmes that address all relevant dimensions of migration, including circular migration. These efforts will aim to promote and better manage legal migration and mobility with a view to supporting the socio-economic development of both countries of origin and countries of destination.

69. Africa and the EU will work to deepen their frank and constructive dialogue in taking forward the implementation of the Declaration adopted in November 2006 at the Tripoli EU-Africa Ministerial Conference on Migration and Development, and ongoing regional processes, which provide a comprehensive agenda for common action in the area of migration and development. Partners will foster the linkages between migration and development, maximise the development impact of remittances, facilitate the involvement of diasporas/migrant communities in development processes, promote the protection of the human rights of migrants, assist and protect asylum seekers and refugees and help countries of origin, transit and destination in Africa build capacity to better manage migration.

70. Africa and the EU will also jointly address the down-sides of migration. This includes jointly combating illegal migration, where cooperation needs to be stepped up, including through cooperation on return and readmission of migrants in the context of the Tripoli Declaration and relevant international agreements, as well as on border control and trafficking in human beings. In this regard, they will work actively to ensure the implementation of the EU-Africa Plan of Action on Trafficking in Human Beings, especially Women and Children. Partners will also work to promote respect for the principles and provisions of the OAU Convention governing the specific aspects of Refugee Problems in Africa and the Geneva Convention on Refugees. Africa and the EU will pay particular attention to brain drain in sensitive sectors like health and education.

71. Both sides commit themselves to ensure that adequate financial resources are made available for the effective implementation of the measures outlined in the Tripoli Declaration.”


Commitments in: Health - Health systems, medicines and regulation

“60. In the field of health, integrated strategies, including the strengthening of national health systems at all levels, will be promoted by Africa and the EU, based on adequate financing, human resources and commodities. To reinforce health system capacity, partners will also jointly address both the migration of health workers, which is a crisis in some African countries, and the creation or reinforcement of social protection systems. Efforts will be made in line with the Africa Health Strategy, the EU Project on Human Resources for Health, the Abuja commitment (15% financing for health) and the European Programme for Action to Tackle the Shortage of Health Workers in Developing Countries. Efforts to scale up towards universal access to basic health services, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis Malaria prevention, treatment, care and support by 2010, and cooperation on other pandemics as well as on issues relating to meningitis, will be intensified, with special focus on women, children and adolescents, older and disabled persons as well as members of vulnerable groups.”