The Africa-EU Partnership - A Joint EU Strategy, Lisbon, Portugal, 9 December 2007

Sectors : Peace-building and peacekeeping, Human Rights
Organisation : AU, EU
Date made: 
Heads Of State
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Commitments in: Peace and security - Peace-building and peacekeeping

“15. At the core of the partnership between Africa and the EU is the need for a strengthened dialogue and institutional cooperation that not only addresses issues of peace and stability in Africa, but also challenges that Europe is facing. The two sides therefore undertake to share information, perspectives and lessons learned, as well as to consult on issues of common concern...

... 17. In view of their expertise, financial and human resources and experience, the EU and its Member States are well placed to provide continued and increased support for the AU in its efforts to – in cooperation with the relevant African regional organisations – operationalise the APSA, including through long-term capacity building for the various structures provided therein, including the Continental Early Warning System, the Panel of the Wise, and the African Standby Force. The AU Peace and Security Council (PSC) will play a key coordinating role in this process. This support will, moreover, aim at facilitating the implementation of other relevant AU instruments such as the Policy on Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Development, the Declaration on the Border Program and relevant instruments on disarmament issues. In this context, efforts will be made to ensure coherence with wider international efforts.

...20. The EU is committed to taking steps towards establishing a predictable and sustainable funding mechanism, building on the experience of the APF and EU Member States’ bilateral contributions, as well as on the determination of Africa to raise additional resources from within the continent.

21. At the same time, the EU will back Africa’s efforts to widen the funding base and mobilise additional resources from G8 and other international partners. Africa and the EU will also work together for the establishment, within the context of Chapter VIII of the UN Charter, of a UN mechanism to provide predictable, flexible and sustainable funding for peace keeping operations undertaken by the AU, or under its authority, and with the consent of the UN Security Council.

22. Africa and the EU together commit themselves to support and promote the role of civil society and non-state actors in underpinning a comprehensive approach, emphasising the importance of conflict sensitivity. The two sides also commit themselves to the implementation of UN Security Council Resolutions 1325 on Women in Peace and Security and 1612 on Children in Armed Conflicts.”


Commitments in: Governance - Human Rights

“56. Africa and the EU will promote children's rights as well as the empowerment of Europe's and Africa's youth. Special efforts will be made to assist youth and children in (post-) conflict situations. All these measures will be supported by predictable long-term financing.”