AU Second Decade of Education for Africa 2006-2015

Sectors : Education capacity
Organisation : AU
Date made: 
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Commitments in: Education - Education capacity

“33. An African Education Observatory will be established as a vehicle for co-ordinating EMIS activities. The Observatory will be managed by the AU Commission. Other responsibilities of the Observatory will be to:
i. Develop and maintain an Internet Portal;

ii. Update and promote the EMIS assessment/diagnostics reports;

iii. Manage documentation (training materials, research reports, ongoing EMIS projects, technical partners, catalogue and agenda of regional and continental CB training, etc);

iv. Develop and update the African indicators database;

v. Promote the network of experiences and expertise; and

vi. Develop and maintain the continental EMIS

vii. Co-ordinate needs assessment and training in EMIS.”


“41. Priority areas for the Second Decade of Education will accordingly address the following:
i) Improved supply and utilisation of teachers;

ii) Enhancing teacher competence;

iii) Institutionalising systematic career-long development of teachers;

iv) Professionalizing and enhancing capacity for school leadership;

v) Improving teacher morale, working conditions and welfare;

vi) Intensifying pedagogical research for continued improvement of teaching and learning”