AU Second Decade of Education for Africa 2006-2015

Sectors : Human Rights, Primary and basic education
Organisation : AU
Date made: 
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Commitments in: Education - Primary and basic education

“27. In the Second Decade of Education, every effort will be made to ensure that:
i. Gender and culture are mainstreamed into all the Decade priorities.;

ii. Human rights based perspectives become the foundation for all education policy actions;

iii. The rights of the most vulnerable persons are respected, including girls, persons with disabilities and children affected by HIV and AIDS;

iv. Cultural practices that encourage gender discrimination are eliminated;

v. Education is used as an effective tool for entrenching peace, justice and equity, to empower men and women to participate to their full potential in society;

vi. Education contributes to re-establishing the dignity of Africans, and engendering a pride in positive African values and heritage;

vii. Inter-sectoral approaches to gender and culture in education are developed.

28. Priority areas of intervention for the Decade will therefore deal with the following
i. Promotion of the right environment for the application and enforcement of human rights...”