The New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD), October 2001

Sectors : Political governance
Organisation : AU
Date made: 
Heads Of State
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Commitments in: Governance - Political governance

“49. ... African leaders will take joint responsibility for the following:

... - Promoting and protecting democracy and human rights in their respective countries and regions, by developing clear standards of accountability, transparency and participatory governance at the national and subnational levels;...

...71. African leaders have learned from their own experiences that peace, security, democracy, good governance, human rights and sound economic management are conditions for sustainable development. They are making a pledge to work, both individually and collectively, to promote these principles in their countries and subregions and on the continent...

...79. It is generally acknowledged that development is impossible in the absence of true democracy, respect for human rights, peace and good governance. With the New Partnership for Africa’s Development, Africa undertakes to respect the global standards of democracy, the core components of which include political pluralism, allowing for the existence of several political parties and workers, unions, and fair, open and democratic elections periodically organised to enable people to choose their leaders freely...

...81. The Initiative consists of the following elements:

- A series of commitments by participating countries to create or consolidate basic processes and practices;

- An undertaking by participating countries to take the lead in supporting initiatives that foster good governance;

- The institutionalisation of commitments through the leadership of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development to ensure that the core values of the initiative are abided by.

82. The states involved in the New Partnership for Africa’s Development will also undertake a series of commitments towards meeting basic standards of good governance and democratic behaviour while, at the same time, giving support to each other. Participating states will be supported in undertaking such desired institutional reforms where required. Within six months of its institutionalisation, the leadership of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development will identify recommendations on appropriate diagnostic and assessment tools, in support of compliance with the shared goals of good governance, as well as identify institutional weaknesses and seek resources and expertise for addressing these weaknesses.

83. In order to strengthen political governance and build capacity to meet these commitments, the leadership of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development will undertake a process of targeted capacity-building initiatives. These institutional reforms will focus on:

- Administrative and civil services;

- Strengthening parliamentary oversight;

- Promoting participatory decision-making;

- Adopting effective measures to combat corruption and embezzlement;

- Undertaking judicial reforms...

...85. The Heads of State Forum on the New Partnership for Africa’s Development will serve as a mechanism through which the leadership of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development will periodically monitor and assess the progress made by African countries in meeting their commitment towards achieving good governance and social reforms. The Forum will also provide a platform for countries to share experiences with a view to fostering good governance and democratic practices.”