Summit of the Organisation of African Unity, Yaounde, Cameroon, 8-10 July 1996 – Declarations

Sectors : Health systems, medicines and regulation, Human Rights
Organisation : AU
Date made: 
Heads Of State
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Commitments in: Governance - Human Rights

β€œThe Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the Organization of African Unity...

...3. PLEDGES to promote within the Continent the following universal rights and principles under conditions of respect for cultural, social and religious values:
a. access to health care for all;
b. inviolability of the human body and of the genetic heritage of the human species;
c. inalienability of the person which prohibits the subjection of the human body, its components particularly the human genes and the sequences thereof to commercial and property rights purposes;
d. the anonymity of both the donor and the beneficiary of human organs and human products, subject to the exceptions spelt out in the legal codes of Member States;
e. the obligation to obtain the free and enlightened consent of any one to submit himself/herself to bio-medical research, and the definition of rules to protect vulnerable populations, the incapacitated, persons deprived of freedom as well as the sick under emergency conditions;
f. supervision of research facilities on embryos especially those produced as a result of medical procedures offering assistance towards procreation and the attendant application of such procedures, so as to obviate selective eugenic by-products particularly those relating to sex considerations;
g. the right to benefit from scientific progress and application thereof without any discrimination whatsoever;
h. the right of everyone, especially children, to protection from all forms of trade and exploitation;

4. PLEDGES to take legislative and other measures to give effect to this resolution, and to set up consultative bodies at both country and inter-African levels to promote the exchange of experience obtained, among such bodies;

5. APPROVES Resolution 1995/82 of the United Nations Human Rights Commission adopted in Geneva on 8 March 1995, as well as Resolution CONF/93/4-DR.21 of 1 April, 1995 adopted in Madrid at the 93rd Inter- Parliamentary Conference on Bioethics.”