World Food Summit Rome 2002 - Declaration of the World Food Summit: Five Years Later

Sectors : Agricultural and biotechnology, Agricultural investment and production, Food security
Organisation : FAO
Date made: 
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Commitments in: Technology - Agricultural and biotechnology

“24. We pledge to work in the spirit of cooperation and solidarity to strengthen FAO activities, within its mandate, that enable the developing countries and countries with economies in transition to meet food safety issues, to make better use of the benefits of research and technologies and to respond effectively to the challenges and opportunities of globalization, in particular with respect to agriculture and food security. We also pledge to assist those countries, particularly their food producers, to make informed choices about, and to have access to, the necessary scientific and technical knowledge related to these new technologies targeted at poverty and hunger reduction...

...25. We are committed to study, share and facilitate the responsible use of biotechnology in addressing development needs.”