G8 Heiligendaam Summit Declaration on Growth and Responsibility in Africa

Sectors : Primary and basic education
Organisation : G8
Date made: 
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Commitments in: Education - Primary and basic education

“37… We are committed to working with partner governments and the private sector to expand opportunities for disadvantaged girls and boys, including beyond the class rooms, to learn 21st century skills and increase their participation in society. We reaffirm that no country seriously committed to “Education for All” will be thwarted in their achievement of this goal by lack of resources.

38 The G8 reiterate their commitment to “Education for All” for sustainable development in Africa...The G8 will continue to work with partners and other donors to meet shortfalls in all FTI endorsed countries, estimated by the FTI Secretariat at around US$ 500 million for 2007…We will work together with other donors and recipient governments towards helping to fund long-term plans provided by countries to ensure every child gets to school, with attention to low income countries and fragile states furthest away from the 2015 target of universal primary completion. We will especially focus on high quality education and capacity development...”