G8 Heiligendaam Summit Declaration on Growth and Responsibility in Africa

Sectors : Energy, Climate change - general
Organisation : G8
Date made: 
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Commitments in: Infrastructure - Energy

“35. To improve energy security in Africa, we will give particular attention to energy efficiency and the use of domestic renewable energy sources, including hydropower, where appropriate, and to give priority support to the rehabilitation of existing hydro-power plants, and the development of small hydropower plants. We will further promote responsible sustainable bio-energy production, generated from renewable biomass re-sources, with a view to contributing to climate protection without jeopardizing food security and the environment.”


Commitments in: Climate Change - Climate change - general

“34. The G8 welcome the progress made on the elaboration of the Clean Energy Development and Investment Framework (CEDIF) and will work with the World Bank, the African Development Bank and other donors with a view to implementing the Energy Access Action Plan for Africa. We reaffirm our commitment made in Gleneagles to helping Africa strengthen its adaptive capacity on climate change and work with African countries in the context of their national development strategies.”