G8 Heiligendaam Summit Declaration on Growth and Responsibility in Africa

Sectors : Peace-building and peacekeeping, Disaster risk reduction and reconstruction
Organisation : G8
Date made: 
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Commitments in: Peace and security - Peace-building and peacekeeping

“39 …Whilst reaffirming our resolution in helping to complete the building of the ASF, we will devote greater attention and efforts to conflict prevention and stabilization, reconstruction, reconciliation, and development in post-conflict countries.

40. The G8 continue their support for the African Peace and Security Architecture, consolidating projects to which both sides have made important contributions so far and moving ahead in new directions. We will endeavor - together with others - to identify, agree and support lasting solutions to matters such as sustainable financing and operational support, planning and management of peacekeeping missions, enhanced management of donors’ support, as well as exit strategies to Africa-led peace-keeping operations…We will continue and intensify at different levels our ongoing dialogue with the African Union. Together with other important donors, we will renew our efforts to improve the exchange of information concerning our respective plans and activities, and will strengthen the coordination and coherence of our endeavors.

41. Together with the UN and in accordance with our African partners, the G8 will assist the AU in a lessons-learned-data collection effort with assistance of the UN that aims at capturing the experiences of African-led peace-keeping operations for the process of building up the ASF...

…42. The G8 are committed to strengthen the civilian, including police capabilities of the ASF...At the same time we remain firmly committed to providing the necessary support to the ASF for its core military capabilities, which require increased investment by troop contributors and donors alike…In close coordination with the AU, we will help with initiatives such as:

• to build capacities at AU headquarters and regional levels to plan and supervise the use of the new civilian component, help identify the training needs for civilian experts, offer appropriate training and assist in building up a continental roster of experts…

• …to create additional capacity for the training of civilian experts;

• to assist the AU in setting up an African Volunteer Service, which will recruit experts for participation in post-conflict and reconstruction operations in accordance with the needs identified by the AU;

• to support a network of existing peacekeeping training facilities, in Africa and elsewhere, with a view to better coordinating their activities and maximizing their impact on the overall capabilities of peace support operations, in particular in Africa.”


Commitments in: Disaster risk reduction and humanitarian assistance - Disaster risk reduction and reconstruction

“18. Improving our response to fragile states: We will improve our response to post-conflict and fragile states, where a third of the world's poor live and will bring more timely and substantial assistance to these countries, with a view to preventing the emergence of failed states. We support the role played by the AU and the RECs. We will strengthen our efforts in conflict prevention and will support governance as well as the building of viable state institutions in order to help them fulfil a range of basic functions and meet the needs of their citizens...”