G8 Kananaskis Africa Action Plan

Sectors : Primary and basic education, Gender and social development
Organisation : G8
Date made: 
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Commitments in: Education - Primary and basic education

“V. Expanding Knowledge: Improving and Promoting Education and Expanding Digital Opportunities...

...we commit to...

5.1 Supporting African countries in their efforts to improve the quality of education at all levels – including by:

• Significantly increasing the support provided by our bilateral aid agencies to basic education for countries with a strong policy and financial commitment to the sector, in order to achieve the goals of universal primary education and equal access to education for girls. In that regard we will work vigorously to operationalize the G8 Education Task Force report with a view to helping African countries which have shown through their actions a strong policy and financial commitment to education to achieve these goals; and to encourage other African countries to take the necessary steps so that they, too, can achieve universal primary education by 2015;

• Supporting the development and implementation by African countries of national educational plans that reflect the Dakar goals on Education for All, and encouraging support for those plans – particularly universal primary education – by the international community as an integral part of the national development strategies;"


“V. Expanding Knowledge: Improving and Promoting Education and Expanding Digital Opportunities

...we commit to...
...5.2 Supporting efforts to ensure equal access to education by women and girls – including by:

• Providing scholarships and other educational support for women and girls; and,

• Supporting African efforts to break down social, cultural and other barriers to equal access by women and girls to educational opportunities.”