G8 Kananaskis Africa Action Plan

Sectors : Conflict resources
Organisation : G8
Date made: 
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Commitments in: Peace and security - Conflict resources

“I. Promoting Peace and Security...

...we commit to:
...1.5 Working with African governments, civil society and others to address the linkage between armed conflict and the exploitation of natural resources – including by:

• Supporting United Nations and other initiatives to monitor and address the illegal exploitation and international transfer of natural resources from Africa which fuel armed conflicts, including mineral resources, petroleum, timber and water;

• Supporting voluntary control efforts such as the Kimberley Process for diamonds, and encouraging the adoption of voluntary principles of corporate social responsibility by those involved in developing Africa’s national resources;

• Working to ensure better accountability and greater transparency with respect to those involved in the import or export of Africa’s natural resources from areas of conflict;

• Promoting regional management of trans-boundary natural resources, including by supporting the Congo Basin Initiative and trans-border river basin commissions.”