G8 Kananaskis Africa Action Plan

Sectors : Quality of aid
Organisation : G8
Date made: 
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Commitments in: Financing for Development - Quality of aid

“III. Fostering Trade, Investment, Economic Growth and Sustainable Development...

...we commit to...

3.6 Improving the effectiveness of Official Development Assistance (ODA), and strengthening ODA commitments for enhanced-partnership countries – including by:
• Ensuring effective implementation of the OECD/DAC recommendations on untying aid to the Least Developed Countries;

• Implementing effectively the OECD agreement to ensure that export credit support to low income countries is not used for unproductive purposes;

• Supporting efforts within the DAC to reduce aid management burdens on recipient countries and lower the transactions costs of aid;

• Taking all necessary steps to implement the pledges we made at Monterrey, including ODA level increases and aid effectiveness; and,

• Reviewing annually, within the DAC and in coordination with all relevant institutions, our progress towards the achievement in Africa of the Development Goals contained in the United Nations Millennium Declaration.”