G8 Sea Island Action Plan: Expanding Global Capability For Peace Support Operations

Sectors : Peace-building and peacekeeping
Organisation : G8
Date made: 

Commitments in: Peace and security - Peace-building and peacekeeping

“Today, we committed to an Action Plan to expand global capability for peace support operations that is available for any international peace support operation or mission on a timely basis...

...we commit, consistent with our national laws, to:

• Train and, where appropriate, equip a total of approximately 75,000 troops worldwide by 2010, in line with commitments undertaken at Kananaskis and Evian. This effort will have a sustained focus on Africa and other nations that can contribute to peace support operations both in Africa and elsewhere. We are also committed to training and exercises to ensure that those troops will maintain their skills after their initial training. Activities will also include enhancing the institutional capacity of regional and sub-regional organizations to plan and execute peace support operations.

• Coordinate with African partners, the UN, the EU and others to maximize our individual efforts to enhance African peace support operations capabilities and their setting up donor contact groups in African capitals (as foreseen in the Evian plan), and conducting coordination meetings with interested parties, we will more fully coordinate assistance by G-8 members and others related to peace support operations and their related activities. To this end, we will establish G-8 expert-level meetings to serve as a clearinghouse for exchanging information for as long as will be needed to accomplish this goal.

• Build peace support operations capabilities in other regions by 2010. Many of these peace support operations units could deploy to Africa, as well as to crises in their own regions. Member states are also committed to providing training and exercises to help ensure that those troops trained maintain their newly learned skills.

• Work with interested parties, before the next Summit, to develop a transportation and logistics support arrangement, which will help provide countries with transportation to deploy to peace support operations and logistics support to sustain units in the field. This kind of arrangement, which will take into account existing efforts, should address a key capabilities gap that often prevents timely intervention in crises.

• Increase our contribution to the training of carabinieri/gendarme-like forces both by continuing to support existing centers dedicated to that purpose, notably those in France and Italy, and those in Africa, and by supporting new initiatives in that respect. In particular, we will support the Italian initiative to establish, on a multinational basis, an international training center that would serve as a Center of Excellence to provide training and skills for peace support operations. The center will build on the experience and expertise of the Carabinieri, Gendarmerie and other similar forces to develop carabinieri/gendarme-like units of interested nations, including those in Africa, for peace support operations.

The initiatives will be carried out by:

o Operating training programs, including “train the trainer” courses and predeployment training for specific missions;

o Developing a common doctrine and common operational standards for employing carabinieri/gendarme-like forces in peace support operations, specifically with regard to crowd control, combating organized crime, high risk arrests, prison security, protection of sensitive facilities, election security, VIP security and border control;

o Providing interoperability training with the relevant military forces; and

o Interacting with academic and research institutions in related areas, such as humanitarian law, human rights, criminal law, prison management, and civil-military cooperation.”