G8 Sea Island Ending The Cycle Of Famine In The Horn Of Africa, Raising Agricultural Productivity, And Promoting Rural Development In Food Insecure Countries: Action Plan

Sectors : Agricultural and biotechnology, Agricultural investment and production, Food security
Organisation : G8
Date made: 
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Commitments in: Agriculture - Agricultural investment and production

“... Acting individually and collectively, G8 members will: ...

...• Encourage CGIAR to increase its efforts in Africa, and increase funding for challenge programs on “Water and Food” and those others which benefit Africa. Develop at least three new projects with the African Agricultural Technology Foundation. We will also encourage IFAD efforts to improve the access of African farmers to water on a sustainable basis.

• Implement programs of support for regional and national programs aimed at tackling food insecurity and vulnerability in Southern Africa by 2005."

Regional Africa/International

“• We will work to expand access for Ethiopian farmers to improved agricultural technologies and add value to farmers' production through innovations in processing, packaging, and shipping.”

Regional Africa/International